The end of Act one, and a nice little pain in the arse. 

I’ve reached the end of stage one chemotherapy treatment for my Amyloid/Myeloma blood disorder. It’s been a trying eighteen weeks of fruitful, painful, hilarious & life questioning experience and change.

Today I’m going in for a Bonemarrow Biopsy and spleen scan, the former which shall determine how effective my first part of treatment has been, the latter just to see how badly damaged my spleen is now from being poisoned with cytotoxic drugs. Again, something the doctors have only decided now to bring to my attention. Thanks doctors !

My little video explains the thoughts surrounding my impending bonemarrow biopsy today. While I’ve gotten through the first part relatively unscathed, there are now a few new health challenges I need to be mindful of that were magically manifested by my body, just to fuck with me more.

  • Unexplained bone pain – which apparently I’m imagining according to the doctors
  • Steroid induced water retention – having ‘Kankles’ is something I never thought I’d have to endure, but here I am, painfully trying to rid myself of excess interstitial fluid retention.
  • Shithouse skin – I look like shit, don’t tell me otherwise.
  • Sudden sensitivity to sunlight, even on my fingernails.
  • My body hair has grown wild like an out of control hipster on steroids

All in all, the first part was easy. I’ve been keeping little videos during this entire process, and as time progresses I shall share more of them – as the face can emote what words sometimes can’t.