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  • nine months later

    nine months later

    Happy Birthday! Happy birthday to my immune system which was installed in February 2017. Happy birthday to me! on October 31, I survived 255 days post-transplant, beating the odds that were not in my favour, and thus proving evil never dies! It’s certainly been a wild ride these past few months, with countless followup doctors […]

  • Whoops! i’m not dead.

    Whoops! i’m not dead.

    I noticed a bit of a problem with the site this week when I put aside some time to do some more writing. It turns out the posts I saved during my stay in hospital never posted as published (fuck fuck fuck). And to top it off, they have all mysteriously disappeared from my drafts […]

  • An uneventful transplant

    An uneventful transplant

    Happy Birthday! I had my new immune system installed on 16 February 2016. It consisted of 5.5 million of my own blood stem cells, which were harvested via a process called Apheresis in October 2016. As I was quite unwell and unwilling/reluctant to continue to the next stage at that time, I agreed with my […]

  • Day Zero – stem cell transplant

    Day Zero – stem cell transplant

    Today marks a very important day in my life. I have my brand new immune system installed today, in the hopes it will rescue my body from failing and gift me with a deep remission of both blood cancers, and a better quality of life. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it, it has been […]

  • Sharing my story with video

    Sharing my story with video

    I did something super ballsy tonight, I made public a video talking about my two blood cancers, my treatment and the realities of the prognosis. This four-minute video was the product of over 2 hours worth of footage, some scripted, some completely from the heart. It was very confronting to do and I struggled to […]

  • A Brief Hiatus

    A Brief Hiatus

    I’m okay, actually pretty good at the moment, but I need to focus on some non-cancer-related projects which I somehow dreamt up during the past year. I’ll be back.    

  • The end of Act one, and a nice little pain in the arse. 

    I’ve reached the end of stage one chemotherapy treatment for my Amyloid/Myeloma blood disorder. It’s been a trying eighteen weeks of fruitful, painful, hilarious & life questioning experience and change. Today I’m going in for a Bonemarrow Biopsy and spleen scan, the former which shall determine how effective my first part of treatment has been, […]

  • The “Cancer Death Touch”, and other no-no’s you should be aware of!

    The “Cancer Death Touch”, and other no-no’s you should be aware of!

      There are so many things you should and shouldn’t do when you’ve got blood cancer. While i’ll save that diatribe for another post, right now I wanted to touch on some things which frustrate me as I go through this ‘experience’. (Let’s not call it a journey folks, unless you’re comparing my journey to […]

  • Bloody blood disorder

    Bloody. blood disorder. I’ve never sworn so much in my entire life (that’s a lie). The day I met with my doctors who told me I have an incurable, but treatable disease. The thoughts went from “What did I do to deserve this” to “How on earth could this happen? I’m so young and healthy.” Now […]