Whoops! i’m not dead.

I noticed a bit of a problem with the site this week when I put aside some time to do some more writing. It turns out the posts I saved during my stay in hospital never posted as published (fuck fuck fuck).

And to top it off, they have all mysteriously disappeared from my drafts folder (double sweary fuckity fuck rant)

Luckily I have a backup in the form of a handwritten ‘transplant diary’ which I kept. I really did have a lot of spare time on my hands and sometimes pulling the laptop out and setting it up in a bed on a wobbly meal tray was too complicated. So I shall

Incredibly frustrating as I wanted to have the personal momentum and good energy run with me as I posted from hospital. Oh well! Now I shall endeavour to transcribe and publish this little diary as soon as possible.

But the takeaway message is – I am NOT dead – I survived the transplant – it’s day +Fifty something (I lost count) and I am doing pretty fucking well .

More soon.