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  • No Limit

    No Limit

    Every year lived and not dying from Myeloma is a good year. 2018 is all about reaching new heights. Growth, challenging myself and posting cliche images with tongue planted firmly in cheek. This year is all about managing health positively, enjoying the small wins, experiences over ‘things’, growing past being ‘sick’ and not limiting myself […]

  • nine months later

    nine months later

    Happy Birthday! Happy birthday to my immune system which was installed in February 2017. Happy birthday to me! on October 31, I survived 255 days post-transplant, beating the odds that were not in my favour, and thus proving evil never dies! It’s certainly been a wild ride these past few months, with countless followup doctors […]

  • Whoops! i’m not dead.

    Whoops! i’m not dead.

    I noticed a bit of a problem with the site this week when I put aside some time to do some more writing. It turns out the posts I saved during my stay in hospital never posted as published (fuck fuck fuck). And to top it off, they have all mysteriously disappeared from my drafts […]

  • An uneventful transplant

    An uneventful transplant

    Happy Birthday! I had my new immune system installed on 16 February 2016. It consisted of 5.5 million of my own blood stem cells, which were harvested via a process called Apheresis in October 2016. As I was quite unwell and unwilling/reluctant to continue to the next stage at that time, I agreed with my […]

  • Day Zero – stem cell transplant

    Day Zero – stem cell transplant

    Today marks a very important day in my life. I have my brand new immune system installed today, in the hopes it will rescue my body from failing and gift me with a deep remission of both blood cancers, and a better quality of life. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it, it has been […]

  • Sharing my story with video

    Sharing my story with video

    I did something super ballsy tonight, I made public a video talking about my two blood cancers, my treatment and the realities of the prognosis. This four-minute video was the product of over 2 hours worth of footage, some scripted, some completely from the heart. It was very confronting to do and I struggled to […]

  • We’re moving in!

    We’re moving in!

    We are busy behind the scenes making this look real pretty! Site launches very soon!  

  • A Brief Hiatus

    A Brief Hiatus

    I’m okay, actually pretty good at the moment, but I need to focus on some non-cancer-related projects which I somehow dreamt up during the past year. I’ll be back.    

  • An Ode To Dexamethsone

    An Ode To Dexamethsone

      After four months of enduring a particular drug called Dexamethasone – a powerful anti-inflammatory steroid used in the treatment of blood disorders, I finally did away with my last bottle. The comedown from Dex can only be likened to my experiences in clubs during the 90’s, where people of my age group will nod politely […]

  • The end of Act one, and a nice little pain in the arse. 

    I’ve reached the end of stage one chemotherapy treatment for my Amyloid/Myeloma blood disorder. It’s been a trying eighteen weeks of fruitful, painful, hilarious & life questioning experience and change. Today I’m going in for a Bonemarrow Biopsy and spleen scan, the former which shall determine how effective my first part of treatment has been, […]