Telling people you’ve got cancer

So you got the news today, you’re sweating, or (metaphorically) shitting yourself.

You’re wondering who to tell, and how much to share right now, right? You don’t want to be a burden, you’re always the one who helps others and you’re SOOOO selfless, right?

Have you ever considered that NOW, yes, RIGHT NOW is the time to be completely SELFISH?

You just got handed a possible death sentence in a small handful of words, your life changes right now. And it’s up to you who knows.

Choosing who does and doesn’t know your health concerns is a complex choice. Here are some recommended tips.

  • Tell no more than 5 (five) people – they can be anyone
  • You choose when it’s a good time, and how best to break it
  • You choose how your friends and loved ones can support you
  • Tell them to ask how they can help, instead of asking you what they can do.
  • Remember to crack a few jokes, yes the news is terrible, but laugh at the universe!