An Ode To Dexamethsone

  After four months of enduring a particular drug called Dexamethasone – a powerful anti-inflammatory steroid used in the treatment of blood disorders, I finally did away with my last bottle. The comedown from Dex can only be likened to my experiences in clubs during theĀ 90’s, where people of my age group will nod politely… Continue reading An Ode To Dexamethsone

The “Cancer Death Touch”, and other no-no’s you should be aware of!

  There are so many things you should and shouldn’t do when you’ve got blood cancer. While i’ll save that diatribe for another post, right now I wanted to touch on some things which frustrate me as I go through this ‘experience’. (Let’s not call it a journey folks, unless you’re comparing my journey to… Continue reading The “Cancer Death Touch”, and other no-no’s you should be aware of!

I’m good thanks, no really!

I wasn’t prepared for the reaction to my public coming out of having an incurable blood cancer. It has been surprisingly positive and encouraging, with people following my lead of ‘no sad faces’ . Of course I think my overall attitude and demeanour towards this horrible health problem has helped shape the conversation. People have… Continue reading I’m good thanks, no really!