Sharing my story with video

I did something super ballsy tonight, I made public a video talking about my two blood cancers, my treatment and the realities of the prognosis.

This four-minute video was the product of over 2 hours worth of footage, some scripted, some completely from the heart. It was very confronting to do and I struggled to watch it afterwards, even with the help of a trusty cameraman who skived off work for the afternoon to lend me a hand.

So on Thursday afternoon, when it was stinking hot outside and I didn’t want to go anywhere, I decided to fire up the laptop and watch everything. The intent was to mark which bits I liked and which I didn’t, and flick it all off to a friend to edit for me, but in the end, I figured the best person to tell my story was me.

So today, I learned how to edit video. I cut and edited it myself, and i’m very proud of thI’mnd product.

It speaks from the heart, it’s confronting, real, raw and funny.

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